Millions Agree!

Obama has Rocks in his head!

The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting, period!

It is about the God given right to defend yourself against all that would do you harm, including your own government!

The NRA is one of the few organizations that stands up for this right!  They are not the puppets of the arms industry.  They are made up of gun owners who want to protect our rights.

The gun manufacturers give us what we want and the last month has shown Americans want their guns and damned be the liberal politicians who think they speak for everyone!  You will never stop crimes by removing guns, Criminals don't obey the laws, that is why they are criminals.  The police cannot protect you and they have no duty to do so!

If you lose this right, how long will it be before you start losing others? 




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AR-15 and AR-308 Family

I am a collector and competitive shooter.  The AR is the basis of many target and hunting guns.  They are not the evil weapons that the media has made them out to be.  They are Semi-automatic and can only fire as fast as the person pulling the trigger.  Although I do own thirty round magazines I very rarely if ever use one.  Most of the time I use a five round magazine which is adequate for my purposes of CMP and NRA highpower matches or for Semi-Auto Benchrest shooting! 

With the talk of banning and confiscation I would stand to lose over forty thousand dollars.  Some of these guns are worth in excess of twenty-five hundred dollars.  There is over three thousand dollars just in competition grade triggers.  So you can understand they will not be given up easily or be traded for hundred dollar gift cards!

The government needs to address the real problem.  People on the street that should be in an institution and not put on drugs and left in the general population!  These types of guns are used in less than one percent of gun related crimes! 

More children in this country are killed by their parents or by drunk drivers than die in firearm related deaths!

I shouldn't even have to mention abortions, which our government and the liberal media tend to ignore!














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