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Here are some of my favorites, including my AR-15s.  I call them the Versatile Black Rifles!  You can do anything with them from target shooting to varminting or home defense!  A quality built AR will out perform most bolt action guns!  Of course the ubiquitous 1911, no gun collector or shooting enthusiast should be without one.  It has won wars and won matches from it's beginning in 1911 until today! 

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 Forum Pics


DPMS with Hart Barrel, JP Rifles forend, Geiselle match trigger, Magpul PRS, LaRue mount and Nightforce 12-42x56 scope.

Remington 700 Tactical

Remington 700 Sps Tactical in 308. Jewell 14 ounce trigger and Nikon Monarch 6-24x50 scope.

Remington R-25

Big Brother in 7.62x51


Geiselle trigger

Nikon Monarch Scope

Precision AR

Bushmaster with a Rock River upper. Hart 24" Barrel, Geiselle target trigger, Magpul PRS stock, Ergo grip, topped with Leupold VXIII 8.5-25x50 target scope with LaRue LT mount.

AR Family

Various AR rifles and carbines

Colt 6940 carbine

Monolithic upper.

S&W AR15-22


Rock River lighweight upper with YHM Diamond Float Tube, MBUS and Miculek comp on a Doublestar lower.

Bushmaster Predator

Titanium Finish

Bushmaster Predator

Bushmaster M4

16 inch M4 profile, ATN sight

Bushmaster M4

Midwest rail, Bushnell Holosight XLP

Bushmaster 20th Anniversary

Bushmaster V-Match

Green Duracoat

Smith & Wesson M&P 15

EoTech red dot sight, Vltor stock

Bushmaster AR/AK

Green finish, UTG rail, Burris Fastfire reddot

Bushmaster AR/AK


Model 65 .177 Great for indoor practice.

Sig Pro

Sig 2340

worst .40 made


Accurate but crappy build

Clark Grand Master

Built for me by Jim Clark of Metarie, Louisianna. Smith .38 Masterpiece was base gun. Won national PPC competition and several different States titles with this gun.

Smith 4506

Super smooth double action and very accurate.

S&W 5904

Love the Smith 3rd gen autos.

Smith 745 race gun

Comped .45 Smith 745 SA by The Handgunner Custom Shop.

Smith 629

.44 This one has the glowing front sight and a set of Hogue Tulipwood grips.

Smith 686

.357 Hogue Rosewood grips

Smith & Wesson Model 41 7.5 target barrel

.22 Smith target gun with custom target grips by C. Peterson.

S&W Model 41

Well worn but still drives tacks!

Dan Wesson

1911 .45 Pointman Major.

Colt Gold Cup

Ya gotta have a Colt

S & W 1911


Webley & Scott

.38 S&W Top break from the Singapore Police Department.

Walther 75th Anniv.

Walther PPK 7th Anniversary. One of 1500.

Walther PPK/S-1

Walther .380 1 of 400 Engraved with American Eagle in gold. Laser engraved grips.


New Military and Police in .40 S&W. Black stainless over a polymer frame. Interchangeable palm swells and built in Picatinny rail.

M&P .45

M&P Pro9

Inch longer and fiber optic front sight

Walther P22

Smith .45 Family

Remington XP-100

Found new in box!

Beretta Stampede

New Cowboy action shooting gun by Beretta in .45 Long Colt. Charcoal blue and color case hardened with select walnut grips.

Ammo Factory

My Dillon XL650 reloading machine.

Reloading Bench

Moonbat Hillary Obama

Moonbats: They want to take away your rights but don't want to give up any of theirs! Liberal Democrats will be the ruination of this country, wait and see!


IPSC shoot

1st AR

Early 70s Colt AR

Delta Dawn

Dawnnie with her Smith 1911!

Tactical latch

Made from bar stock, first project on my mini-mill.

M&P with Burris Fastfire.

Used the Fastfire mount for Bomar 19911. Little machine work to get it to fit.

Lee Trimmer Mods

Changes to Lee trimmer to accomodate CTS and Arthritic hands.

Banana "clip"


Dawn with Bushmaster M4

Don't mess with Texas

Good Shepard

I created this picture and iit is now all over the internet.

DPMS Oracle .308

Added Troy Xtreme rail and Magpul BUIS.

Smith & Wesson M&P .22

Made by Walther for Smith. Great little gun for training and practice. Fits same holsters as it's centerfire brothers.

Ruger 1911

These came out over a year ago but I waited to see how they panned out. This is a very nice 1911!

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